September’s 5 Obsessions

Hey Honeys,

Here’s a post for all the consumers out there :).  I know its 17th of October but here are the 5 things I couldn’t live without last month!

I think they are bomb cool and hope y’all to do. 


Only the best thing you will ever buy! I even have a label on the back of my phone now that’s gotta tell you something.

Cost: $29.90

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


2. TUNE! 

ALTITUDE by Fred V & Grafix Oxygen – Spotify.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.



I got mine from Smith & Caughey Newmarket and am so so happy. You will never walk out of the house not glowing again, and also, you will never want to buy another highlighter ever again. This thing is life. Even Daniel notices when I have it on and for a guy to realize something to do with makeup it must be good.

Cost : $64

IMG_1529 2.JPG

4. CHIA BREAKFAST CUP – The Raw Kitchen in Ponsonby

Everyone loves a good chia pudding…. Well, this one tops all… for some reason, it rocks my morning every second morning 😉 (don’t tell Dan). The base flavour is cacao and at the very bottom there is a heavenly taste of raspberry!! It’s all the goodness you could ask for in one cup & it ACTUALLY FILLS ME UP!!!! None of this bird food crap.

Cost: $12

IMG_1519 2.JPG


I actually made this light myself after seeing it in a shop for way too much.  I ripped the shade away from a circular light and used the structure of the wire which was underneath. I then bought two metres of washed white cotton from Spotlight, ripped the white fabric into strips ranging from 2cm- 5/6CM width over 1metre long. Simply tied the fabric onto the top of the wire. Done and done honey.

Cost: $14!!!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

A xx

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